My Raucous Story


In 1993, my dad was sidelined by a serious illness. In his need to be busy he asked that I go to the garage and get some wire, tools, and buttons. That is how it started.

Over the course of the next two and a half years, we worked together to learn jewelry techniques. He had been a science teacher and shared his knowledge regarding metals and stones. This knowledge changed my life. He was a fantastic father.

More recently, studio time has guided me through grief following the death of my partner. Michelle knew that hammering and firing silver would be therapeutic- and thought that they would ultimately save me. Her encouragement and love live on.

Over these many years of jewelry making, the lessons learned in the studio go far beyond tools, metals, and stones. My creations honor relationships and are made with intention and meaning. The connections we have to each other are embedded in my work.

Judy at Market

The connection to those I love – and the importance of “my” people, shine on through Raucous Jewelry. I am surrounded with peace, love, and joy when creating – and I am happy to share that with you.

I am currently working with sterling silver, fine silver, precious metal clay, 14kt gf, copper, steel, bronze, brass, leather, gemstones, and old treasures found along the way…and with Raucous Jewelry on the road, the treasures are plentiful!

Thanks for being part of this raucous journey! – Judy